When you are feeling so stressed or tense, it’s time to pull out the coloring pages. If you think that this activity is only for children, then you would be wrong. There is so much coloring can give you during times of so much stress when you feel like you’re about to explode.

1. Mindfulness

If you have been researching tools to reduce stress, odds are that you may have heard, read or even practiced meditation. Something I learned during my times of chaos, coloring alleviated the stress, worries, and fears I was experiencing. While meditation often means to sit in quiet solitude to observe your breath, it isn’t something that works for me. Unless I want to sleep all day.

There is something very soothing when you bring the colors to the page and really feel that nothing but this moment matters. Sure, you may be aware of what is happening in the real world, but when you can focus on coloring that flower or the affirmation, you are focusing on the moment you are in. 

2. Concentration

So, yes you could totally color while watching TV but you are not going to be able to focus on your masterpiece doing so. When coloring is used as a tool to support your emotional and mental health, focusing on just one activity will need as little distractions as possible.

3 Ways Coloring Reduces Stress

When you make time for you, which I highly encourage you to do, put your phone on silent and turn off the TV. Set a timer for about 20 minutes and just color. Focus on the page (or pages) you’re working with and just notice the sensations. Pay attention to the color of the colored pencils and how they feel on the paper. When the timer ends, you might feel motivated to keep going. If you do, listen to it. This shows that you’ve gotten in the zone. You might soon find that coloring is your go-to method when it comes to reducing stress.

3. Creativity

The more creative activities I engage in, the less stress I am able to experience. Even when I am under deadlines for client projects or launching a new book. Coloring, like so many art forms, is a way of expressing yourself. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t create the images you’re coloring. It can also aid in you coming up with new ideas to express your own creativity. 

When you sit down to color, tune into your mood and set your intention. Ask yourself how you would like your mood to be reflected through the coloring page. You might be feeling tense and want to use calming colors like light blue or gray. You might also be feeling angry and want to use aggressive colors like red to get your rage out. Additionally, you might not be sure how you’re feeling and use an assortment of colors.

Free Coloring Pages

Beautiful coloring pages in high-resolution pdf format. Download the 8 Free Coloring pages, print them out and take some time for yourself to color!