Hi! My name is Petra Monaco and I can’t wait to talk about me!

I am a mother of three boys and truly, I wouldn’t want it any other way and miraculously two of them have already managed to become adults. I am the complete opposite of my partner of 12 years – like we are day and night. He’s country and I am city – so you know life is definitely interesting around here. I live super close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, close enough to the beach and far enough from the biggest city.

I’ve been creating doodles for the better part – ok pretty much all of my life. In class when I was supposed to pay attention to the teacher, on the phone listening to someone yap about the less important things in the world and then with more purpose while my son went from child to warrior after his initial two liver transplants.

Initially, I gave most of my art away because people loved it and the nurses deserved all the gratitude in the world helping us get through some of the darkest days. The kind of day we didn’t know if we ever saw the colors of the day again.

I create every day because I just can’t help myself and during the 180+ days that we spent in the hospital, creating the doodles and then coloring pages helped me maintain my positivity and find the calm in our chaos. As a caretaker and parent, self-care is so incredibly important and you would be amazed what 5 minutes of coloring can do for your mind and your stress level.

I would like to say there’s a rhyme or reasons on how I create my coloring pages but 9 times out of 10 it’s pure in the moment kind of inspiration and then I get so zoned out and work the theme out until it’s done.

I can’t help but wonder what coloring tools you use, or the colors you choose. And I wonder what you will think of the imperfections and you think of me knowing the thought that went into the pages.

I hope you share your art with me and that you enjoy the website and pages that I have conjured with a single thought of inspiration. And furthermore, I hope you find the calm in your chaos and a way to reduce the stress by loving and caring for yourself just a little bit more every day.