You Matter

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Some of you may be struggling with doing this thing called life. And when you feel that dark cloud looming over your head, it can be difficult to see the sunshine behind it all.

I know those days. As someone hew grew up in foster care (it’s also Foster Care Awareness Month), there times in my life I believed nothing would ever change. I chose self-destruction through alcohol and made some not so good choices.

My own mental health was in dire straits when my two oldest kids were at home, practically without me there because I was in the hospital holding vigil over my child who was fighting for his life.

So much guilt over not being in all places at once. So much focus on my college studies as I was earning my degree in Mental Health Counseling and oh yes, I see the irony.

I didn’t know if I could make it through and see the good days that everyone told me about.

If you need help, support – please reach out. Reach out to a friend, a professional and well you can totally reach out to me too!

May Coloring Page Release 2018

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